Addiction Application
Name: Your real name, age, and where you live *
Armory Link: Link to your main logged out in PVE gear *
Class: *
Life in WoW: Days played on any and all of your characters that you ever raided on as a main. We want to see how long you have been around and what you have experienced! *
Alts: Provide armory links to any alts that would assist our raid team. Keep in mind we do split clears for new tiers and 1 alt is mandatory.
Schedule: Are there any days / times you are consistently going to be unavailable? Your work / school / daily schedule are important here. What time you need to go to bed is also important. Will this availability change in the near future? *
Comp/ISP: Please provide your processor, memory, and video card information. Also please provide result links from and Choose anything close to chicago as your location. Any FPS or connection issues? *
UI and Keybinds: Please provide a screenshot of your UI (preferably in raid and combat). List a description of your keybinds as well; any pertaining to PVE execution. Use the largest resolution for your screenshot; we need to see everything clearly. *
Logs: Link to a warcraftlogs, if you can link multiple-that would be best. If you have any recordings or streams of yourself that would also help. We want to see execution not number padding. *
Raiding Experience: List all and any raid experience. Explain different roles you've filled throughout your career. Be thorough here. *
References: Anyone in Addiction that can vouch for you or any other players who can tell us about you?
Previous Guilds: Oldest to newest in that order. What is the reason or story for leaving your current guild? If you have ever held any leadership positions or responsibility please list that as well. *
Reasons for Playing: What interests you about WoW, and raiding more specifically? *
How did you hear about Addiction, and why do you want to join us over another guild? *
What is your email and Real ID? *
What is your favorite color? *
Lastly, why should we take you over someone else? What makes you special or worth the time? *