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- Have you always wanted that rare title but your raid group or guild can't get it?
- Would you love to ride around on your very own rare end game mount?
- Do you want to be the slayer of dragons?
- Are you an achievement nerd but just don't have the motivated group?
- Some shiny purples calling your name and you just can't get them?

Well now is your chance, <Addiction> sells all of these things in the game. We also sell a variety of other runs, achievements, mounts, and items. Below is a list of all of those multiple things. The best way to start the process is to send an email to or contact an officer in game. We will set up a time and place for you to be on and ready to go. Have the payment ready, and online at the time slot you were allotted. Payment will be expected in full before we complete whatever it is you are buying. There are no questions at all about this policy.

Legion Pricing

Mythic 9/11 Master Loot Antorus Clear (includes loot for 1 spec*) - 10 million gold
Mythic 10/11 Master Loot Antorus Clear (includes loot for 1 spec*) - Coming soon
Mythic 11/11 Master Loot Antorus Clear (includes loot for 1 spec*) - Coming soon
Heroic 11/11 Personal Loot Antorus Clear (includes loot for 1 spec*) - 1 million gold
Heroic 11/11 Master Loot Antorus Clear (includes loot for 1 spec*) - 2 million gold
Heroic Argus kill (includes loot for 1 spec*) - 300k

Gul'dan kill and Gul'dan mount only - 2 million gold

*The Chosen - 3 million

* The only gear that is on reserve is anything that is +10ilvls with a socket or +15 ilvls over base. That is pretty rare for us this late in the tier, so not much is on reserve.

Mythic Dungeon Keystone Clears

- We funnel the gear that we get from our chests to you as well as long as it did not roll some insane amount of titanforged with a socket.

- We cannot guarantee 3 chest on a 9 or 10 run, this would depend highly on the buyer's DPS, the affixes for the week, and your ability to navigate through the dungeon. We only guarantee a completion so you get your weekly cache. High chances that you will get 2+ chest though. Everything else we can guarantee +3 chest on or you get another dungeon!

+15 Key Carry - 200k
+2 - 15 Key Carry - 400k

Nightbane Mount Run - 200k
Full Kara Run including mount - 300k, 250k if you don't care about the bosses killed up to nightbane

**As an added special note about loot in Legion for these carry runs. Obviously, there is much more shared loot now among players with relics, trinkets, rings, and necks sometimes being shared by all the armor types. If there is more than 1 buyer in the run and you both want the item, we have both the buyers roll for it. The only way around this is if you pay the extra cost to be the ONLY buyer in the run. You would still get all the plate loot if you were a plate, all the cloth if you were a clothie, etc. But the only fair way for us to bring multiple buyers to satisfy our sales, and be fair to the buyers is to let you roll on contested items. Hope this clears up any confusion.

Individual Bosses - Inquire through email

You will need to contact us about the meta mount achievements.

If there is anything else you wish to purchase just ask us, we can accommodate.

Email if you have questions:


Q1. Do you accept server transfer buyers? 

A1. Yes we welcome server transfer buyers. Just send an email to to schedule your run or ask any questions

Q2. What is the best way to get all of this started or to get a sale?

A2. Contact a member of the guild, preferably Saraf or another officer in game. Email works as well. We never do a sales run or reserve a spot unless at least half the gold is submitted and we have a confirmation by email for the date and time.

Q3. I really don't like giving you my gold before I get my stuff, what if you ninja it and kick me!?

A3. That concern is completely understandable. But we also would be uncomfortable killing the boss you want or giving you the item and you left without paying us. You are in the position to have to trust us to deliver on our promise. The GM's would also intervene if we broke the deal, so rest assured. We have a very positive track record of making people happy so don't worry :)

Q4. Some other guild is selling what you are for cheaper, do you price match?

A4. We always strive to earn your business and form new relationships. We will try our best to meet you towards a price if it gains us your relationship. But there is a reason you are coming to us to get this service and not someone else.

Q5. What if there is something I want that you don't have listed?

A5. Just ask us and I'm sure we can accommodate you, we are always open to selling new things. These are just the things the masses want normally.

Q6. What if I cannot show up at the time that I was scheduled?

A6. We need at least 24 hour notice to your time, or else I will have wasted all of the time for the people involved, and they won't be happy about that. If you don't give us notice and flake, we will be inclined not to help you anymore. The deposit we take for the run will also be forfeited if you do not have a very good reason for not showing up. If there is a good reason we will reschedule in most instances.

Q7. So how does pricing work if I am buying things individually? ex. I only need loot off 1 boss and don't want a full run.

A7. You would need to talk to us about pricing for the boss kill, then IF your loot drops you would pay to get it. 

Q8. Do you bring other buyers in and would they compete against me for my gear? 

A8. We do bring multiple buyers sometimes but they will not be competing for your gear. In other words we would bring a plate DPS and a caster DPS, so there would be no issues. Guildies get warforged and socketed gear if we need it.

Q9. Why should I purchase the package deal instead of individually? 

A9. The package deal has discounts built in for buying the whole run. You could get lucky and get 10+ pieces of loot which would be a lot cheaper than paying for the loot individually. 

Q10. Why am I getting charged just to be brought in for the boss and it be killed?

A10. The price per boss is like the entrance fee and you still get the chance to bonus roll bosses. It is basically paying us for our time and energy to bring you.

Q11. Do you offer a refer a friend discount or repeat customer discount?

A11. Yes we give a 10% discount that can be applied to 1 friend or 1 person on the next repeat purchase.

Thank you and looking forward to all the potential meetings!