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Dat itemlevel
May 21, 2014 at 03:33 PM

Who's your kiter?
Dec 09, 2013 at 04:10 AM

slanty carry

Tier Complete
Dec 09, 2013 at 01:52 AM

Once again another tier is over. How many has it been now? I have had the pleasure of making numerous posts just like this one to reflect on the end of a tier with a guild I had the oppurtunity to lead. This one was a bit more special than all the rest. This was our first stint with the 3 day raid schedule. Some of you would say it is a more "casual" approach. I like to think the only thing casual was the short time we raid each week. Our results put us with some of the more hardcore guilds in the US. We were one of the very few who stuck with 3 days, never adding any days even to push for rank. Integrity like that is what helped us keep our member base in my opinion. We had very low turnover for the entire tier. Only a few people quitting for real life job oppurtunities. I think that is what makes me the most happy. I like when you have guilds trying to poach your members left and right, but at the end of the day you wake up and they are still here. Most everyone here could go wherever they want, so it means a lot when they choose to stay here as their home. Must mean we are doing something right. 

I have raided 7 days a week for progression, 5 days a week, and now 3 days. I can honestly say this is the best time I have had in this game. It is just a higher quality of enjoyment. People have to be more focused, you enjoy your time more since there is less of it. The family we have here has made it that way as well. Some of the best players and people I have been around in my time throughout this game. 

In terms of gameplay, this tier was very interesting from a mechanics PoV. All of the bosses were interesting in my eyes. While I do miss some of the epicness of bosses like Lich King, Twin Emps, and Ulduar this was a nice change of pace. My biggest gripe would be the swing in group comp. From 6-7 healers on Thok to 3-4 healers on Siegecrafter, Klaxxi, and Garrosh. It is always hard to sit anyone in my time as raid leader, but to have to sit 3-4 people for absolutely nothing against them is even harder. "Bring the player not the class" has not rang true this entire tier. Luckily we have some very patient people.

I am just most proud of how far we have come. We were a casual 10 man before ToT came out. Then the weekend before it was released we decided to go 25 man and our first raid was that week. Boy was it miserable at times. The first couple heroic bosses in ToT were terrible. Had half of our raid itching to go back 10 man and say screw it. We perservered though and stuck with it. We overtook all the 25 guilds on the server to claim the first spot. A lot of people doubted we'd become anything. And here we are now finishing this tier US 27th, and second to only Pie Chart on our server. Props to them, they are a great group of people and we have a lot of respect for them. Happy to share the top with them here on Bleeding Hollow. To have the success we have on just 3 days is amazing. We don't sacrifice much.

Enough of the sappy stuff. I could ramble on for a while, it's always happy times after the final boss dies. Recruitment is wide open as we revamp our roster for Mythic Raiding in WoD. We will be going strong and looking to build and improve on our quick success. If you want to join one of the best groups of people you've been around while raiding very short hours with all the top end progression then look us up. I can promise this will probably be the last home you look for. Many people will be rerolling, switching, maybe even some will quit. So we will be looking at everyone. If you're an exceptional app then inquire!

Once again, thanks to everyone in the guild for a job well done and getting through this tier. We endured a lot, MT quitting, a little unneeded drama from a few, and some random long time friends quitting in crucial times. Hopefully we see some of them soon.

~Sean, GM and Raid Leader of <Addiction>

TLDR: Happy Thanksgiving

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